Barrydale is a village located on the border of the Overberg and Klein Karoo regions of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. Named after James Barry, it is situated at the northern end of the Tradouw's pass which winds its way through the mountains to Swellendam. Barrydale's history dates back to the early 1700s when farmers moved into the area looking for fertile arable land with water.


A village with fascinating origins, Suurbraak is nestled amongst streams of running water and sheltered by giant oaks. It was established as a mission station in 1812 by the London Mission Society and later in 1875 taken over by the Algemeende Sending Kerk. The buildings of the village tell the story of its history.


Early travellers and explorers who visited the Cape in the 1500’s traded with the Khoi-khoi people who lived on these shores.  In 1743 Swellendam was declared a magisterial district, the third oldest in South Africa, and was named after Governor Hendrik Swellengrebel and his wife, Helena Ten Damme.

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